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That is God’s Top priority for Planet Earth?

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That is God’s Top priority for Planet Earth?
By John Reese-Cedar Park, Texas

Surely His greatest concern has to do with His greatest intervention, the giving of His Son to rescue all.

“What is God’s Top Priority for Planet Earth?

Raising up workers who share His heart, Giving them ways to share Jesus. Extending their reach to as many as possible, as widely as possible, as swiftly as possible,, as swiftly as possible. When speaking of God, the concept of possible, as takes on dimensions never dreamed of before.         
     The truth is, God does not grow weary or change direction. He is fulfilling the purpose of His of His Son’s death. He is giving opportunities to as many as possible to receive cleansed in His bold. To get the message out, He is accomplishing things unheard of and unimagined before. For example, my phone has an app that enables instant, cost-free communication with my children in under-developed nations across the globe.
   Today’s tools include things that now seem familiar: Internet, mail and email, cell phones, broadcasts, social media, scanning, and more.
Without realizing how surreal such innovations feel to earlier generations, our young people take them as normal. As a matter of course, they spend hours on their devices, playing, socializing, learning and shopping. What is God’s interest in all this?
   For believers, God is making the sharing of their faith almost literally one click away, especially with user-friendly World Bible School. Such advances are not accidental. God is equipping and training His children to communicate the saving Gospel at lightning aped across the planet. They can share Jesus with friends and strangers, both near and far. Interactions can grow into relationships that blossom rapidly and across great distances. God is working powerfully and He urges you to join in His mission of mercy.