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No. Subject Author Date Views
548 믿음의 방패를 준비하라 Take up the shield of faith file admin 2022.01.29 256
547 평안의 복음의 예비한 것으로 신을 신어라 Feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace file admin 2022.01.22 261
546 의의 흉배를 붙여라 Place the breastplate of righteousness upon yourself file admin 2022.01.15 256
545 진리의 허리띠를 해야 합니다 Put on the belt of truth file admin 2022.01.07 240
544 하나님의 전신갑주를 취하라 Put on the full armor of God file admin 2021.12.31 203
543 주님을 위한 방이 있습니까? Do you have a room ready for your Lord? file admin 2021.12.26 397
542 하나님을 사랑합시다 Let’s love God file admin 2021.12.19 221
541 복음의 감격을 회복하자 Let’s restore the excitement for the Gospel file admin 2021.12.11 225
540 주님을 만날 준비 되었나요? Are you ready to meet your Lord? file admin 2021.12.04 238
539 그리스도의 복음에 합당한 삶 A life worthy of the Gospel of Christ file admin 2021.11.28 346
538 자신의 삶에 감사하고 있습니까? Are you thankful for your life? file admin 2021.11.21 240
537 하나님이 일하십니다. God is at work file admin 2021.11.13 290
536 하나님은 살아계십니다 God is Alive file admin 2021.11.05 252
535 지혜를 추구하는 삶 Life in pursuit of wisdom file admin 2021.10.30 456
534 예수안에 있는 행복 The Happiness of being with Jesus Christ file admin 2021.10.24 271
533 하나님이 주시는 평강이란? What is the peace of God? file admin 2021.10.16 734
532 성경은 우리 삶에 필요한 모든 것을 보여준다 The Bible has the answer to everything we need in life file admin 2021.10.09 262
531 받은 은혜에 감사하자 Be thankful for grace received file admin 2021.10.01 284
530 신실한 동역자 A faithful co-worker file admin 2021.09.24 519
529 그리스도인의 영적싸움이란? A Christian’s Spiritual Fight file admin 2021.09.17 275