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311135906_1281855972636056_2987376612771Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser Installation

Ghost immobilisers are the newest technology in vehicle security. They are revolutionary in how they safeguard your vehicle from hacking, key-cloning & even wheel jacking.

The system requires the correct PIN code to start your vehicle. This is accomplished by pressing the buttons of your steering wheel or dashboard.

TASSA Approved

The TASSA-certified Ghost-II CAN from Autowatch is a groundbreaking device that is designed to tackle the latest automobile crime trends like key cloning, hacking and other forms of theft. This smart system can connect directly to your vehicle's CAN data network, which prevents your vehicle from being started or driven without the correct code. The system is undetectable, and does not utilize radio frequencies or key fobs. Instead, it allows you create a unique sequence of PINs with buttons on your dashboard or the steering wheel, which you can alter at any time. The PIN can be as long as up to 20 presses long to ensure maximum security. A secure emergency code is also included.

The system works by communicating with the vehicles CAN data network to identify the moment a particular PIN has been entered. This then sends a signal to the vehicle that disables the engine and ignition, and shuts down crucial components like the starter motor and fuel pump. The system also provides valet mode, allowing you to deactivate the system and prevent your vehicle from being driven by valets or service center personnel who do not have the correct key.

The Ghost device is unlike conventional immobilisers that can be disabled with professional diagnostic tools. It makes use of the onboard network to communicate with ECUs, and it cannot be tampered. It's a sealed device which means that it is not able to access the circuits. This makes it impossible for thieves to hear that distinctive clicking sound that traditional immobiliser relays produce.

This technology is not vulnerable to jamming tools used by high-tech thieves, and it is undetectable by any other diagnostic tools because it utilizes CAN data networks. This makes it the perfect anti-theft option for any modern vehicle.

We'll visit your home or office to complete the installation after you've scheduled it. We'll go through a complete demonstration with you, and will then provide you with an owner manual and an emergency card, two Autowatch window stickers, and an installation certificate.

Insurance Approved

The Ghost is an aftermarket security gadget that safeguards your vehicle from the kinds of thieves who are looking to steal your car. It works by stopping your engine from being started until a specific sequence of buttons are pressed. The only person who knows the sequence is you. If your vehicle is stolen, thieves won't be able start it, and will leave your vehicle in peace in fear. Ghosts have a silent mode that turns off the vehicle when it is not in use. It can be shut off by pressing the button.

The system is fully TASSA-approved, meaning that some insurance companies will recognize it as an additional security measure for your car. It can be utilized in conjunction with other Thatcham-approved security measures, like trackers to help protect your vehicle from being stolen. This will give you additional security.

The system also communicates with the ECU of your vehicle via the CAN data loop, which is totally inaudible for diagnostic tools. The Ghost cannot be tampered with by a thief simply adding an additional key to the vehicle or replacing the ECU. The system will only allow your car to start when the correct pin code is entered. This unique PIN code is only available to you and is able to be changed at any time.

The Ghost is a highly subtle immobiliser that is added to the majority of vehicles without wiring or installing aftermarket key fobs. It is linked directly to the vehicles CAN data network, and a personalised PIN code of your preference is programmed in it using buttons already present on the steering wheel and dashboard. This code will stop the vehicle from starting unless the correct sequence is selected first. If the code is misinterpreted, there are emergency codes that are secure that can be reset via your mobile phone. There is an application that works on iOS and Android to decrease the requirement of entering pins every time, providing more security.

The shrewd

An immobiliser system, unlike a GPS tracker that only helps you locate your car after it's been stolen, prevents the vehicle from ever being stolen in the first place. This is accomplished by stopping the engine from starting unless it is able to receive the correct code via the key fob or smartphone application downloaded to it. This is the most effective way to stop wheel jacking as well as other thefts since the criminal will be forced to leave your car in peace or risk being arrested.

The ghost immobiliser, a tiny weatherproof device, fits in the wiring harness of your vehicle. It is connected to the CAN data network, and is hidden so that thieves cannot find it or disable it by simple wire cutting. The system also has an option for service mode that can be enabled to allow your garage to work on your vehicle, without needing to know the passcode in order for it to begin.

Once the device is installed in your vehicle, it can be de-armed and armed with an app on your smartphone. You can alter the PIN code at any time you wish to ensure that you're the only one who has access to your car. This is useful in case you plan to sell your car in the future since it will increase its resale value.

The Ghost immobiliser comes with a unique characteristic: it's discrete and doesn't leave any marks on the inside body of your vehicle which makes it an ideal addition to any vehicle. It's easy to install, operates quietly and won't disrupt any other systems in your vehicle.

A subtle immobiliser can enhance the look and feel your vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for people who use their vehicles to transport valuable items since it will stop potential thieves. A ghost immobiliser will work in conjunction with any other anti-theft device, such as trackers to provide unbeatable security for your vehicle.

Low Maintenance

Ghost immobilisers work by connecting directly to the CAN data network. They are almost invisible, since they don't utilize LED indicators or other key fobs. It doesn't emit radio signals, and it is silent, meaning that thieves won't hear it. The device can be concealed in many different locations, (even beneath the floor mats) and is a great choice for those who want to secure their vehicle without sacrificing aesthetics.

This device prevents your car from starting until you enter an individual password to you. This is accomplished through the combination of buttons on your dashboard and the steering wheel in a certain sequence. This makes it impossible for thieves to copy or hack into your system and will prevent them from starting your vehicle.

The Ghost will be alerted to increase your signal and stop your vehicle from starting until the correct disarming code is entered. Contrary to other security systems that can be activated through entering the incorrect code or entering the wrong code, the ghost 2 immobiliser installation will not allow your vehicle from starting until you put the correct passcode.

The Ghost Immobiliser Install (Aiga.Oktomato.Net) will remain in service mode until you turn it back into "service" which is activated by pressing the same combination of buttons as you used to arm it (this can be done when you go to your dealer for maintenance or warranty work). This is a security measure to ensure that it's not removed by unauthorised people and is rearmed and returned to service mode when needed.

It is also possible to transfer your Ghost to a new vehicle if you change vehicles during the course of ownership, as long as the new vehicle is compatible. The most recent version of Ghost also comes with QR finger print stickers that are linked to the International Security Register, meaning that in the event that your Ghost is stolen for parts it can be traced back to you and your vehicle. This will stop thieves from stealing cars fitted with Ghost since they'll know that the vehicle is protected and they would be risking being arrested and caught.
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